Alexander Goethals & Hannelore Haemers teamed up in 2020 to create a wedding photography workshop named "Goesting workshops". A workshop for starting and advanced wedding photographers.

We truly believe that sharing our knowledge and experiences will benefit other entrepreneurs. We are super excited to learn from others and make new friends.
Our first edition will be held in March 2021.

Wedding photography workshop

Meneer Kodak


Hannelore Haemers


Entrepreneurship can become a little overwhelming sometimes.






In person meetings or
online video calls.



One on one coaching

4 hours / day

€ 450,00 (excl. 21 % VAT)

One-on-one coachings will be focused on reflection and growth. We will identify your struggles, your insecurities and whatever blocks you from growing as an entrepreneur. We will develop a strategic plan together based on your goals and your needs. We will go over your portfolio and look for as many ways possible to improve and grow your business.

2 hours / month

Monthly mentoring program

€ 250,00 (excl. 21 % VAT)

Depending on your needs and expectations, I will create a personal, tailor made monthly mentoring program for you. With this mentoring program we will go through all the different business and creative aspects of running a photography business. We will start with any possible urgent struggles and plan from there. We will cover technical aspects such as marketing, website, social media, workflow, time-management and efficiency. We will also work on practical aspects such as posing, interaction, light, composition, gear and camera settings. We will also discuss personal struggles and difficulties such as lack of inspiration, comparison, creativity, insecurities, procrastination and look for solutions for those as well. Mentoring will also include portfolio review and constructive feedback.

Contact for coaching & mentoring

Are you searching for some guidance? Are you considering a one-on-one coaching or mentoring program? Please feel free to e-mail me and ask for availabilities.

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